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Essentials Training

North Texas Tres Dias encourages Pescadores to take action toward become leaders in their homes, churches and communities as well as volunteering for team involvement for future weekends. Many people have expressed that serving on a team was an even bigger blessing than attending Tres Dias as a Candidate.

A pre-requisite to being asked to serve on a Tres Dias team consist of a leadership training seminar which helps participants:

  • Learn the basic structure of Tres Dias Weekend (Weekend Dynamics)
  • Understand the requirements of our charter (Essentials)
  • Encourage sponsorship to inject life into our community, and the role the sponsor plays (Sponsorship)
  • Learn the logistics of participation in the Community (Board of Director, Committees, Support Functions, Palanca)

In any healthy Tres Dias community, there is an abundance of work to do. Opportunities range for each weekend by serving as a team member, signing up for prayer on the prayer wheel, or providing palanca to the candidates. Other opportunities include showing your support by attending send-off, serenade and closing. Yet others include attending seculas or helping host a community event. The Ministry of Tres Dias is an incredible opportunity to be a part of, and to witness God’s Holy Spirit at work firsthand! 


6:00 – 8:30 pm


Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

4141 International Pkwy.
Carrollton, TX 75007 7