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Board of Directors Election

Voting Ends November 7 at 10:00 a.m.!

Message from Carol Meade, President of North Texas Tres Dias:

I am pleased and proud to present to you the 2020 list of candidates developed by our thoughtful Nominating Committee.  A huge “thank you” for the beautiful job done in creating this list! 

We invite you to read through and carefully consider the bios below.  Then, please spend some time praying about who you want to vote for from this diverse, talented, and amazing group of people.  Serving is an honor, but also a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  After you have thought about it, come back and vote.  Voting will end at 10:00 am, Saturday, November 7, 2020 and the results will be announced by 2:00 pm that same day.  Vote early!

Here is how this will work:

  1. When you are ready to vote, please scroll to the bottom of this page.
  2. You will need to login to the Community.
  3. Next, click VOTE NOW which will take you to an electronic ballot to vote in each category.
  4. President: You will vote for ONE of the two candidates listed.
    Correspondence Contact: You will vote for ONE of the two candidates listed.
    At-Large Representatives: You will vote for FOUR of the eleven candidates listed.
  5. When you are done, don’t forget to hit “Submit” to record your votes. 


You will vote for ONE of these two candidates

Landy Estes

I am so humbled that I have been nominated for the President of NTTD. This ministry continues to grow and support the overall work of both Pastors and Lay Leaders and most importantly “The Church”. I pray that, as a Lay Leader, I will be equal to the task given if elected. God has had HIS hand in guiding and equipping each past President before and I know HIS will is all that we seek. If elected my prayer is that we each pray a new prayer in seeking HIM and HIS Kingdom and for greater blessings in our community!

Dak Lyons

I have loved my experience in North Texas Tres Dias for the last 15 years. I have served on over 20 weekends, and on the Board as Vice President. I would enjoy serving on the Board again, it is an honor to continue the work the Lord is doing in the ministry. I genuinely enjoy serving in NTTD in whatever way I can.

Correspondence Contact

You will vote for ONE of these two candidates

Cindy Cardwell

I went through NTTD #24. Throughout my weekend, as I watched women pouring into others all weekend, I could not wait to be asked to serve on a weekend. My gift is serving, and I love every opportunity the Lord gives me to use my gift of service for His Glory. Tres Dias has been a huge blessing in my life, my marriage, and my walk with the Lord. One of the greatest blessings I have received from being part of this community is the fellowship and the sisterhood I have acquired over the years. One of the joys in serving on the weekends is seeing the transformation of women and men from Thursday night to Sunday night! 

It would be an honor to serve on the board and I am truly humbled that my name was even thrown into the hat.

Julie Wissing

The nomination to serve on the Tres Dias Board is a huge honor. The ten plus years I’ve served the North Texas and other communities Tres Dias weekends has been a highlight and blessing. My lifetime education, service, experience, and interests in all realms of human growth bring a unique perspective — specifically in the art of honest servant heart communication.

At-Large Candidates

You will vote for FOUR of these eleven candidates

Robert Brock

I just want to say thank you for this opportunity to serve at a higher level than just working and serving on a weekend. NTTD changed my life and now that I have been a servant to the community, I know that this is Gods calling for me and a big part of my life’s story. I only hope to continue to plant the seeds and lead other men to a deep and lasting relationship with Christ! I hope, if elected, I can start a long servanthood for NTTD — assisting and preserving the work that has been started by this Awesome Tres Dias community.

Jacob Capetillo

My experience with NTTD has been a blessing. I have received way more than I have put into this ministry. In my opinion, this ministry is a healing ministry. NTTD is an additional tool in the Body of Christ to further continue Jesus’s original teaching when he taught us to pray like this, ” Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven”. The gatherings we have participated in have been a reflection of what I expect to be a taste of Heaven.

I have committed a “yes” response because I believe and hope my gifting is what the community would like to have as a resource. Also, I probably would be the youngest board member. That may not mean much to some people but reaching the younger groups are essential to keep this ministry active. The future is constantly on my mind and my direction towards passing on the Legacy of Jesus Christ is my reason for living!

Cliff Dean

My history with NTTD: Traveled to North Georgia Tres Dias in Atlanta four times a year for several years to have enough candidates to start NTTD. Founding member and 1st President for 3 years when starting in Dallas. Our first Weekend was 1993. Have served in all positions and most board positions in NTTD and or other communities we help start. To see how we got started — login to website and on left hand side click on “In the Beginning”

I have attended International several times and we have hosted over the years. My goal is of course to represent NTTD but also to see how we can help other communities and help start new ones. I am interested in all of us to understand the “Why” we do things as it brings more importance to the “What” we do in Tres Dias. We can learn and have input at International. 

Linda Madrid

My experience with North Texas Tres Dias is always evolving. Every time I have served, God has used those moments to strengthen the infrastructure in my heart and grow in wisdom. I said “yes” to the nomination because I’d like to serve in a different way and see what God has in store for us as a community.

Jennifer McKinney

I went through North Texas Tres Dias #56. I have served on several weekends in various positions, including Head Chapel & Head Dorm. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the weekends and watching the transformations that take place. I want to be on the Board so that I can help strengthen the relationship of the NTTD community that I love serving.

Henry Shankle

My Tres Dias experience was life changing. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be “Redemption”. I found more than salvation. I found God’s grace, mercy & His everlasting love. I found a family.

Seventeen years of my life was dedicated to the U.S. Marines and the word God was just another word in the dictionary. I knew about God, but I didn’t know Him personally or His power. It wasn’t until I experienced my Tres Dias weekend, that His Word became alive and I felt His power, His presence, and His love.

The very first song that was played on my weekend which was “Good, Good Father”, and it brought me to tears. The lyrics of that song hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt convicted, shame, lost, broken, unworthy. But by the time the song ended, I felt freedom, I felt loved; I felt the warmth of God’s love healing and mending all the broken parts inside of me. I felt Redemption!

Keilah Smith

I attended North Texas Tres Dias #65 and sat at the wonderful table of Esther.

I was on a girl’s trip to Miami when I heard about the impact that a Tres Dias weekend had made in the life of one of the girlfriends who was on the trip. About a year later, I reached out to her to ask the name of the weekend experience she had mentioned…thus began my Tres Dias journey.

I am honored to have the opportunity to be nominated as an At Large Member. As an educator, community leader, and business owner, I feel that I would be able to provide insight, knowledge, and suggestions for outreach, networking, and growth.

Zachary Stockton

Growing up, I watched as my parents served the Tres Dias community in countless ways and I always knew that when it was time, I’d be part of it too. My weekend was even more impactful on my life than I ever imagined it would be. I’ve served many weekends since, and I’ve found the same joy in the Tres Dias community that my parents did.

If elected, I am looking forward to extending my support and service to the Tres Dias community through serving as an At-Large Member. Through this community, God has given so much to me and my family. I want nothing more than to give back to Him everything that I can through obedience and service.

Helen Velasco

Thank you for opportunity to be nominated for the position of one of the members at large.

I have been involved with North Texas Tres Dias for about eighteen years. Tres Dias is such a great organization that promotes God’s love faith, and fellowship. In my experience, I have been blessed to have formed such special friendships with the ladies and men of North Texas Tres Dias. With every weekend in which I have served, the Lord has showed me something new about my relationship with him not to mention the transformation I have observed with the candidates.

I pray that North Texas Tres Dias continues to thrive until Jesus comes back.

I agreed to be nominated because I would like to be involved in the decisions and plans for helping North Texas Tres Dias be the best organization it can be. I feel that I could contribute my thoughts and ideas for the well-being of the group. I totally believe in the values and beliefs of Tres Dias. What a great organization to be part of! Thank you again for this nomination!

Kimberly Washington

The weekend I attended was #31 and I went with a friend, because I was a scaredy-cat to go to camp that didn’t have a detailed brochure and was ‘word of mouth’. Plus, I’m not really a camp kind of girl, glamping is more my style! This was at Lake Sharon, our old campground. I was so clueless that when my friend and I went down to the “other” dorm rooms to see our sponsor and say “Hi!” everyone had a surprise! When we opened the doors and just walked in, everyone’s (e.g., the team dorm) eyes were so big!! And when she met us at the doors to walk us back up, I said, “Oh they didn’t really decorate your dorm did they?”

I think, reflecting back on my time serving at Tres Dias, the thing that comes to mind is the intentional care. The women have always been overwhelming kind, caring, and attentive. As a younger believer, I got to see what a faithful servant of the Lord looked like while serving others during the meetings and on the weekend. I want to serve on the Community Board as a way to continue to provide intentional care in the Tres Dias community combining the unique roles and perspectives the Lord has created in our lives. Thank you for the consideration.

John Zaiger

I have worked many weekends and genuinely love serving the men that go through the weekends while personally being blessed by the opportunity to serve. It’s not about how many different positions I can do, or getting to a “Rector Ready” point for me. I just love the opportunity to do God’s work and helping the men on the weekends move forward in their Christian journey. I feel like I have a solid understanding of the weekends, so I’m running for the position on the Board to serve NTTD in another way. And, also to learn more about the inner workings and leadership of our awesome community. My goal as a Board member would be to grow in my knowledge of Tres Dias and help NTTD grow while continuing to build Christian leaders in our community.

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