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Board of Directors

  President    Jim Fisher president@nttd.org
  Vice-President    Richard Unwin vicepresident@nttd.org
  President Elect    Jim Fisher PresidentElect@nttd.org
  Recording Secretary    Christi Victor recording@nttd.org
  Treasurer    Jim Goodyear treasurer@nttd.org
  Leaders    Jeremy Tusant leaders@nttd.org
    Joda Crow leaders@nttd.org
  Weekend    Gary Hughes weekend@nttd.org
    Jeff Trammell weekend@nttd.org
    Stephanie Trammell weekend@nttd.org
  Pre-Weekend    Vanessa Bryant preweekend@nttd.org
    Bobby Bryant preweekend@nttd.org
  Palanca    Jason Benoit palanca@nttd.org
    Carol Benoit palanca@nttd.org
  Corresponding Secretary    Sarah Hallmark secretary@nttd.org
  4th Day    Jim Fisher 4thday@nttd.org
    Jim Fisher 4thday@nttd.org
  Rector Selection    Richard Unwin rectorselection@nttd.org
    Jennifer Martin rectorselection@nttd.org
  Community Spiritual Director    J.W. Brinkley spiritualdirector@nttd.org
  Newsletter    Allen Victor newsletter@nttd.org
  At Large 1    Eva Blankenship atlarge1@nttd.org
  At Large 2    Daniel Scott atlarge2@nttd.org
  At Large 3    James Pybus atlarge3@nttd.org
  At Large 4    Robert Salgado atlarge4@nttd.org
  At Large 5    Kim Hansen atlarge5@nttd.org
  At Large 6    Pete D'Aloise atlarge6@nttd.org
  At Large 7    Becky Nelms atlarge7@nttd.org
  At Large 8    Sandy Stockton atlarge8@nttd.org
  At Large 9    Julie Nutter atlarge9@nttd.org
  Tech Committee    Bill Correa help@nttd.org
  Past President    Lewis Jue pastpresident@nttd.org